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Stud book irish cob nlop non‐ discriminatory treatment of breeders. The irish cob or coloured cob, known as stud book irish cob nlop the gypsy horseirish cob or coloured cob, known. Reg with stud book, passport. It has well- developed musculature, with agile, lively action.

Irish cob, gypsy cob nos chevaux. Australian pony stud book ( apsb). Cairnview jackpot – at stud. The gypsy cob, also known as the irish cob, gypsy horse or gypsy vanner, is a type or breed of domestic horse from the island of stud book irish cob nlop ireland.

They are actually fairly fine boned and athletic, making them great for all- around use on the irish farm. The irish cob is a native irish breed and although it has a long history the studbook was only officially founded in 1998. Very good all rounder, works well in a sand arena, great around a cross country course, and great for. Perfect conformation, with a lovely temperament. Developed from the irish hobby stud book irish cob nlop horse, the irish draught is the national horse breed of ireland. Division of stud book irish cob nlop the stud book main section.

Inscrit au stud book des chevaux irish cob en irlande et en france ( sa stud book irish cob nlop généalogie apparait stud book irish cob nlop sur son carnet, parents, stud book irish cob nlop stud book irish cob nlop grands. Detailed characteristics of the irish cob. Recent 5 stage vetting. Pour les puristes, les règles du stud- book mère en anglais: irish cob studbook rules ( 555. Prior to this linages were passed down verbally from generation to generation. Tel/ fax: mobile: email: com web: www. Foals for sale ( 15) stallion at stud ( 2) broodmares ( 29) ponies ( 47) traditionally bred ( 90) buy horses. Irish cob society nederland wants to maintain the horse/ pony breed irish cob stud book irish cob nlop as a stud book irish cob nlop daughter studbook of the studbook of origin horse sport ireland. First to see will buy, ring, no with held numbers please, will not be answered.

The breed is referred stud book irish cob nlop to worldwide by many. The name of the horse/ pony breed is irish cob, in the united kingdom sometimes referred to as gypsy cob. Thèmes : irish cob, france, thé, association, français, ics, race,, bread, cheptel, fr, stud book, sus. The irish cob was created by the travellers to fulfill their needs in stud book irish cob nlop a useable horse and these horses have long been prized by their intelligent, willing temperament, their athletic ability and their capabilities of endurance are the stuff of legend. Beautiful irish cob palomino stallion. Mon loulou a pris du volume cette année. Detailed characteristics of the irish cob Name of the breed. Hucul the hucul or carpathian developed along a mountain range covering quite a distance, with varied country borders, but dates from the 13th century.

The irish cob society limited longacre, cabin stud book irish cob nlop hill, naul, county stud book irish cob nlop dublin. Lovely temperament, easy to do, schools and hacks alone or in company. See more ideas about welsh pony, welsh cob, welsh pony and cob. 2h, should make 15h. Organizations shall not discriminate against breeders. The irish cob society finland was founded in with stud book irish cob nlop the object of helping horse owners to register their horses. Showjumpers for sale ( 149) eventers for sale ( 140) dressage horses for sale ( 90) hunters for sale ( 80) hunter/ jumpers for sale ( 82) by type. Irish cob ( 2) stud book irish cob nlop irish draught ( 16) irish sport horse ( 102) other studbooks ( 5) all horses; disciplines.

First inspection was held in may and the work continues, sence the stud book remains still open. Lineages entered in one or more other stud‐ books, where necessary. Gypsy cob/ irish cob/ gypsy vanner are all the same. Created this page for breeders to share pictures and details of stallions at stud. Enzo, ideal kids second pony, 13. My gorgeous lad is a 24 year old grey irish cob gelding, standing at 14. The irish draught is not a large draft breed as the name implies. After that, during the last 15 years the society has stabilized the position of the irish cob breed in finland.

Objectives of an organization approved to maintain an irish cob stud book. In the uk, gypsy cob refers specifically to one with a loud paint pattern, wheras irish cob can refer to either, in general. Cairnview tasha sold. Now the irish cob society maintains the stud book.

The irish cob is compact and powerful, ample both in muscle and bone, yet, with an ability to perform as a good all‐ purpose animal. Irish cobs entered in an approved irish cob stud book may be entered into any other irish cob stud book into a section and class according to the animal' s merits. He can walk, trot and canter. 3hh irish cob gelding 24 yr old. Papo skewald irish cob horse stud book irish cob nlop toy figurine. The holsteiner stud book in germany, is one of the smallest in europe, but stud book irish cob nlop has produced an extremely high percent of international and olympic champions. 2 – irish draught.

Pedigree details are recorded, blood- typing performed and microchip transponders inserted if the hpio is acting as the keeper of a stud- book. In recent times, the irish cob breed has become hugely popular in the equestrian leisure industry world- wide stud book irish cob nlop and with laws introduced in the eu, which require all equidae to have valid eu identity documents, there became an obvious urgent need and demand, for the stud book irish cob nlop establishment of the stud book of origin for the irish cob breed in ireland. A réserver pour octobre, poulain irish cob pie silver daplle ( robe rare dans la race). Irish cobs which have white markings on the underbelly are described as splashed or blagdon. He is an ex riding school horse, therefore is very capable of schooling. In the first stud books, the section b was the welsh pony of cob type, and the welsh cob was section c and section d.

Ref for welsh cobs ( sec d). The irish cob is not a true breed as it varies in type, although it has been bred since the 18th century. In recent generations there has. Fun straightforward ride. Irish cobs which have white body markings are described as coloured.

Irish cob : stud- book français posté le à 13h56 elle a 5ans, elle va changer, ils sont tardifs. Com is the premier stud book irish cob nlop horse classifieds site with horses for sale, lease, adoption, and auction, breeding stallions, and more. Irish breeders didn’ t establish a written studbook until the irish cob studbook was founded 1998, and a uk- based registry, the traditional gypsy cob association, was launched in. Society was given authority’ s permission to maintain a studbook and register for irish cob breed in. Inscriptions auprès du stud- book et réservations boxes chez moi svp ( geraldine hanf) irish cob society belgique added 548 new photos to the album: stud book irish cob nlop dorscheid 14. 2hh piebald stallion, very quiet to handle, ties up next to mares. Contact: robert giles.

Ireland is well stud book irish cob nlop known as being the birthplace of world stud book irish cob nlop showjumping and with the country’ s long equestrian tradition it is not surprising that the irish sport horse breed developed with an innate ability for the equestrian sports of showjumping and eventing. We co- work with the irish cob studbook of stud book irish cob nlop holland. Location: surrey. Irish cobs are produced by crossing the english and irish thoroughbred, connemara, and irish draught breeds, creating a compact and sturdy mount with short legs. The irish national stud is a thoroughbred stud book irish cob nlop horse breeding facility in tully, county kildare, ireland. Price: £ 875 £ 825 ono. Division of the stud book and conditions for entering the stud book. The current standards of cobs as sections c and d were finalised in 1949. Com irish cob stud book principles 1st july 1. He produces stud book irish cob nlop real show cobs, with a lot of class and lovely movements.

Lovely piebald irish cob filly with a great temperament. The finnish society of irish cobs stud book irish cob nlop ( fsic ry ) the original society was established in. Home of the most magnificent horses & glorious gardens. Informations et situation de l' association association des eleveurs d irish cob en france - aeicf equitation ( équitation, hippisme, course camarguaise, landaise) dans la ville de gorges. Ref for welsh cobs ( sec d). Incredibly friendly. Buckskin gypsy horse gelding, buckskin yearling gelding- - sweet- - direct from irelandj in nevada. The main composite breeds of the irish sport horse are the irish draught horse and the thoroughbred. Very easy, stud book irish cob nlop enjoys hacking and trekking, nice and quiet. Irish cob mare born. 2hh, fully registered welsh section c ( green book) 5 year old gelding.

Lw irish cob gelding. Some irish cobs tend to be more “ stocky” than others. Irish gypsy cob stallions has 1, 804 members. 17 years young, looks like a 6 year old. Showjumpers for sale ( 152) eventers for sale ( 141) dressage horses for sale ( 92) hunters for sale ( 83) hunter/ jumpers for sale ( 84) by type.

Irish cob ( 2) irish draught ( 16) irish sport horse ( 103) other studbooks ( 5) all horses; disciplines. The irish association of the stud book irish cob nlop welsh pony & cob society. Cairnview celtic queen. The netherlands stud book only allows full registration to offspring of horses previously registered with the nsvt; horses identified as irish cob, gypsy cob, gypsy vanner, coloured horse, traveller pony, black and white, or traditional cob may be evaluated as potential breeding stock and, if suitable, recorded in a secondary register, with. Le stud- book mère édicte les règles à suivre, nous les faisons appliquer sur le territoire français, certaines par l' intermédiaire des haras nationaux comme l' édition des passeports ou la gestion des carnets de saillie. Throws 100 percent colour foals on plain coloured mares.

Video of gilly here. This advert is located in and around manchester, greater manchester. Hsi was approved by the department of agriculture, food and the marine to maintain the irish stud book irish cob nlop cob studbook on a stud book irish cob nlop temporary basis in october. The upper height limit for section d cobs was removed in 1907 and in 1931 sections c and d were combined stud book irish cob nlop as simply section c.

Skewald irish cob horse figurine. Welsh pony & cob society of new zealand incorporated. The irish pony society ltd; • the irish cob society; • the kerry bog pony co- operative society ltd; • the connemara breed society; and, • the irish horse passport agency. No stud book irish cob nlop longer jumps due. 2h ( 1, 58m) beautiful irish cob mare, with an excellent conformation, and a lot of bones and feathers. The stud book is comprised of a main section and a supplementary section.

Foals for sale ( 15) stallion at stud ( 2) broodmares ( 28) ponies ( 47) traditionally bred ( 85) buy horses. It is a small, solidly- built horse of cob conformation and is often, but not always, piebald or skewbald; it is particularly associated with the irish traveller and romani travelling peoples of britain and ireland. Very special horse. The last, just being a name some clever money- spinner slapped on them to sell them for big money in america.

The irish cob is well balanced and proportioned, standing straight and square and offering an imposing appearance. See my board ' welsh ponies' for secs a, b, & c.

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